Electrodes Monolith Professional TM Monolith, diameter 2.5;3;4;5 mm

Basic characteristics:
  • AWS A 5.1:E 6013
  • ISO 2560-A-E 42 0 RR 12
  • COATING TYPE Rutile thick
  • Especially for welding tanks and pipelines where needed to ensure high mechanical properties ofseams
  • Metal deposit factor is 8,0-9,0 g/Ah.
  • Consumption of electrodes per 1 kg of weld metal - 1.7 kg.
  • Electrodes conduct welding in adverse terms for the other makes of electrodes.
  • Applied for welding of corner, butt and lap-welded joints made from metal 1 to 20 mm thickness
Exhibitor name: Monolith-Center LLC
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