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19th International exhibition for welding materials, equipment and technologies
15 - 18 October 2019 Russia, Moscow, ECC Sokolniki, Pavilions 4, 4.1

Advertising materials


Dear participants of the exhibition Weldex 2018!

If you want to get the maximum result from participation in the exhibition, we recommend you to take advantage of the free options that we developed specifically for you. Active participation in the exhibition Weldex - a guarantee of fruitful work for the year ahead!


You can download promotional materials and advertise your participation in the exhibition: post a participant button on the company's website or add a banner to the signature. Be sure to include a link to the website www.weldex.ru so that your customers and partners can receive a free e-ticket.


By downloading promotional materials of the exhibition, you agree to use them in accordance with the technical rules.

Exhibitor button

The exhibitor button is a banner that allows you to announce your participation in the exhibition on your website. Link registration form to get free e-ticket - http://www.weldex.ru/ru-RU/visitors/get-eticket.aspx


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Exhibition logo


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Your news on the exhibition website 


You can send news about your company, new products and special offers for posting on the exhibition website. This will further interest your company to potential customers. On the news page, you can place one link to your company's website.


News (MS Word) and photos / illustrations for posting please send to the marketing manager Lyudmila Battalova:

Send news for posting